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Verify your bank account

To verify our customers, [Your Business Name] uses a trusted service, DirectID, to view read-only account details direct from your bank.


This simple, two minute, online process allows us to cover all our identity requirements.


Your details are always completely secure and encrypted throughout the process.


To get started click the button below.

Committed to our Customers

We are committed to make the application process easy and convenient for you. By securely connecting to your bank account you help us to:

Verify your identity

Through verifying your bank account details as part of our application process you also confirm you identity.

Provide faster services

This online process allows verification to be completed in seconds instead of needing to obtain and provide your paper bank statements.

Tailor our products

Having received your bank statements quickly and securely, we are able to analyse them and offer the best product to you.

How the verification works

Consent to sharing data

You will be consenting to share your bank data for a limited period of time only, and you can revoke your consent at any time via online banking.

Connect to your bank

You will next be asked to find your bank from a search bar and then login to your online banking service.

Verification processed

Your account details will then be passed to our verification process where we can verify your details or follow up if anything further is required.

Connecting your bank account


Do you have multi-factor authentication?

Many banks use multi-factor authentication, such as sending a code to your mobile or to a special security device that they have provided, or asking you to enter answers to secret questions. Before you attempt to login, make sure you know all the information and have any devices needed to complete the login close to hand.


Make sure you are selecting the correct bank

Common mistakes include choosing a bank with a similar name, or selecting the wrong sub-brand of your bank (e.g. Barclays vs. Barclays for Business).

We recommend checking that the name and logo of the bank you’ve selected correspond to your bank.

Double check your credentials

When entering your online banking login credentials, make sure these are entered correctly, including upper or lowercase letters and numbers.

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